Monday, October 02, 2006

testing 1 2 3

Testing my web cam on the ICE train on my way from Frankfurt main to Stuttgart, nice seats eh? I don't think it's a good idea to fly to Frankfurt Hahn, as it takes at least 45mins bus ride from that airport to the main city, even though I had a whole luxury coach to myself hehe. I need to download more good e books or something to do during travel time, lest I fall asleep and wake up all out of wack with my sleeping pattern. (this pix was taken about 2 wks ago...I am now smiling)

Today Andre is coming all the way from Berlin to visit Schwabisch Hall, too bad the weather wasn't as good as last week, it's raining here and there, so can't take him bike riding. Well there's a castle, museum, church, mini-golf course, boat things, lovely green forest, apple farms, a brewery...hmmmm yes forgot about the brewery....well ask him if he's interested in taking a tour. Posted by Picasa

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