Thursday, May 13, 2010

moving meditations - emotional attention and attachment

Some of the most powerful thoughts that capture our attention is the spectrum of emotions that we absorb or interpret for any given situation. It is most poignant from those close to us, those we care about even if we wish to deny it. Can one change the story so that the experience of painful emotions is muted?
Maybe so, but should we just also let ourselves give into the pain, that it needs to be experienced fully so that it can have a good chance of dissipating?
For me, family has been the source and giver of the most intense emotions - something that I thought I had left behind, but realise will always be there no matter how old I grow. The joy of a new edition, of seeing a pure smile from my youngest nephew was amazing to experience again.

That is what we get from our children - the chance to experience some of the things we lose along the way or forget that we still have inside of us