Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Foto shoot Schwaebian style

Photo taken by Andre during our SHA foto shoot, I had the pleasure of showing him around the beautiful town, though it was raining like crazy. This is at the bottom of the stairs, in front of the steps of St Micheals church.

I met Andre in Berlin when I travelled up for Alex's birthday, and we connected straight away, his english is very good and he is assisting with my sporadic german. Very cultured guy who has managed to convince me through his vacation photos and video pieces to visit China, o the power of the digital camera. Also enjoys Asianiac German Spaghetti conjured up by yours truly on the night, for his stay in Schwaebisch Hall....also known as improv cooking.

He is working as a programmer in Berlin, rides a bike 45mins to work each morning, favorite tasty treat from China is pumpkin cake, and learning photography as a hobby.

I enjoyed his company thoroughly, and through this blog will document more personally of the great people I meet (which I have neglected to do and a mighty shame)
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