Monday, October 30, 2006

German Design by Professor Frank Grossman

simple design objects - strict design less emotive

Peter Behrens
changing from cursive, floral to technical industry

modernising artforms
influence of abstract forms
main influence for modern art in the first half of the 19th century
looking for universal solutions

Jan Tschichold
putting structure into design

HfG Ulm
Design as an engineering process
based on the communication, more abstract non-dependent on medium
Less is more
cheap and highly functional

Otl Aicher
whitespace concept of freeing space
system was important, unification of communication

constructive art (minimal art) playing with very reduced elements, influenced by japanese wood cuts
see expression before you see the content

Red Yellow Blue colours representing the 80's

To combine art and technology - Karlsruhe

Posters - gallery on the street

Similiarities in German and Japanese design?

How does the heavy influence of product design affect / influence media design

Is it less important as we spend more and more time in environments where material objects are less important (fluid environments)?

techno design - mixing of graphic elements, emotional design in response to the the technologic era of 90s

illustration trend in current era

playful design as opposed to social design of bauhaus
Ikea is cheap and available to many people

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