Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dreaming of a white Bavarian Christmas

Fresh food from the garden and farm...yummm sharing the christmas spirit with the Röthenbacher family, so good

Woo hoo ! Xmas morning

I dream of a white Bavarian Christmas

Surfing on the frozen mini lake
running for my dear life when the ice cracked
A bavarian winter sunset along the inland sea
Experiencing a white baviarian Christmas
Kathrin looking ice kool

Xmas @ Gunzenhausen, Bavaria

Along the inland sea
Party on
some people along the way to celebrations
opening the prezzies
Christmas with the Röthenbacher family - mmmm sorta of like an indoor BBQ

Picture perfect scenery
in the mood for surfing
farms lots of farms
walking along the inland sea
did I say party?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The days of Christmas 2006

The sacrifice
The chicken is good
cooked with love
Ho Ho Ho
mini Dickman
PJ Farewell Lizzy
on the streets of Stuttgart
Farewell dinner for Michelle with Emma's sisters and Travis's Bro
All the girls in the house

Off to Berlin!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Deutsch bier und Hühnerflügel@my apartment

Merry Xmas
Smiln' away
Let love shine thru
If your happy and you know it..
Santa's helpers
Hmmm let me think about this..
Okay some parmello for your health with a kiss of sunshine
Santa out to play

SHA Parties - Deutsch bier und Hühnerflügel at my apartment

My head is shrinking
Where the sun shines
Santa's helpers
Mistletoe Yaey!
All the hungry people

SHA Parties - Deutsch bier und Hühnerflügel

Merry Go Around
Kathrin receiving dessert
The wings were this big
Say hello
Hide n Seek

Friday, December 22, 2006

I dream of a Polish winter

I spent 5 days with my good friend Mario who lives in Poland and had an awesome time, really thankful for his parent's generosity and him for showing me the best of his city. I cannot put in words the experience, and the beauty of Poland small towns is amazing. The people there are great and fun to be around with and if you can speak Polish, even easier to strike up a conversation on the streets with strangers.

As you can see from the photos, it was sunny all through my trip, except on the last day when it rained a little. I have never seen such a beautiful blue hue of sky before, we never get that colour back in Australia. Mario took me out to his Uni's PR Symposium, photography club meeting, Bangladesh student's Independence Day celebrations, and see his friends in Krakow. Thanks so much Mario woo hoo see you in Spain!

Experiencing a Polish Winter
Beautiful blue winter skies
was cold though
european style kicks ass
what used to be a holiday house for royalty

Yummy! Lukaz and me at PR dinner thanx for
Polish beer and Vodka!

All together now
Polish passion Marta and Mario
Spider, the gentleman
Mario and Veronica's looking at you kid