Wednesday, December 10, 2008

marriage = population control : moving meditations

Josh and I enjoying drinks at AGDA's charity xmas party, Greenroom a sustainable bar at Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia.

What if we as males were allowed to have as many partners as our lust permitted?
Imagine a world like that! I'm thinking that the earth's natural resources could not possibly support that and so I have to hand it to the forefathers, kings, church who had the foresight of using marriage or religion as a tool of control.
So now in an age of having access to birth control, why isn't there a flagrant disregard for the institution of marriage. I guess the divorce statistics can allude to that of having the freedom to revoke it when things go sour.
What is it about being human that causes us to value relationships, the time invested as opposed to animals that have sex for the sake of reproducing? Why aren't we going around promiscuously enjoying sex and not thinking about the consequences?

Or even in the matter of relationships? Why can't we have the best of many short term ones rather than favour a long term one?

What is it about experiencing growth, change together over years that is preferable to a few intense months that you will remember forever, even if it meant it was not to continue?

Is it about building a story or how many stories that each of us were together in? I think it is this opportunity to have as many shared experiences with each other that cements a deep bond that allows us to be less mindful of the imperfections in each other, and to also enjoy the significant moments that are to come.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

emotional rewards and other things for sale : moving meditations

Nicholson St Melbourne at the Hispanic Festival

Fave tune of the moment:

I feel good when I eat, when I buy stuff, when I drink, when I have a nice place to live, maybe even unconsciously when I drink coke...

Do you ever stop to think why you work so hard and long?
Why in each particular culture there are different things that individuals work towards so that they can look around and feel that they have earned what is deemed success in their peers' eyes and garner the respect that comes along with it.

Why we work longer hours, even as we spend less time eating correctly and ballooning from all that easy-to-eat processed food, in the meantime being shown skinny beautiful models so that we can compare ourselves to?

Is this a system of self degradation escapable?

less TV time, shopping time and more moments with family friends doing things that involve interacting with each other instead of escaping and interacting with the plethora of distractions that we create ourselves so that we don't have to deal with the effort of figuring out each other and always being in control of our own snippet of existence.

Is this where it's all headed? our attention divided into devices vs living beings?

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Customer Service

The only reason to answer the phone when a customer calls is to make the customer happy.