Monday, May 25, 2009

Social media - Entrepreneurship forum

The 3 lines you can base your business relationships from:

This is what I can do.
This is what I can't do.
This is what I won't do.

Customer service
- give customers individual attention
- have convenient operating hours
- give customers personal attention

Maintaining contact with the customer after sale is more powerful than advertising

Referrals are based on 90% relationship
Power of networking, "who do you know in this room to get you where you need to go?"

- more CRM (automated)
- less choice
- loyalty is a novelty (jump without thought)
- customers are far more knowledgeable

Notes from presentation by Heath Kilger

business background
+ 20 million page hits
+ cold calling via phone by asking for the right person who organised the footy tipping within business
+ fortunate to be around when Victorian Labour govt came into power delivering on a political promise of national footy tipping competition

- cashflow issues
+ creditbility: bought by Tattersalls
+ sites licencing backend software from
started in 1998
+++ media assets worth much more than software assets
FOCUS on goals of business

Social media
+ genuine engagement
+ ebay and amazon as social networking
+ sharing information (reviews)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Moving meditations - Relationships

How real are the relationships around you? In the advent of access to unlimited access to possibilities, which ones affects you the most?
Have you given up the hardest ones?
Would you rather enjoy the passive ones that elicit tears without the actual experience of undergoing the pain?
The excitement on an imaginary character's face when they sate their curiosity?
Our attention and ultimately, our efforts in this world is increasingly being divided into multiple slices. Without properly attending to, or being very disciplined in our natural tenancies, we will indeed become "slaves to the machine".

The machine being whatever we choose to spend our most energies investing into - your iphone, your TV, your virtual world.

Wonder what the behaviours of the next generation will be like:
"rather be somewhere else?"
"I read enough about you already to bother trying to engage you?"
"it is quite a privilege for us to be having a real conversation, as it has been determined that our psychometrics match nicely"

So where is your emotional attachement? and does it help you grow, can it be nutured and is it like a living thing?