Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The healthiest midnite snack i ever had

Well I'm working on a flyer at 3am so maybe a couple hours later than midnight, and I had the munchies BADDDDD so, looked in the fridge and came out with this (the perks of being a creative) as you can see it looks very appetising and tastes even better... spiced olives, REAL mozzarella cheese and fresh rocket ( it's called Rauke or something in german, darn I must bring a notebook for my german..)
I bought the fresh ingredients from the farmer's market happening on Weds and Sat's..... a lot of smiling and nodding and saying Ja Ja... although I can say Ein hundert Gramm bitte (100 grams please)
Not much meat in my fridge as it is quite dear....I think it may b quite efficient eating vegan... hmm i think I will try it for 1 week starting next week *must not walk pass kebab shop* Posted by Picasa

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