Friday, May 25, 2007

yesterday's goodbyes

Very last day in SHA

There is only joy in remembrance

onto scale new heights, everyone has their own mountains to climb (Loc and me at Peak National Park, UK) rainy of course

along the Thames River, Windsor

yesterday's goodbyes

Big chicken!

Bigger than Tai's head

tense the muscles, ready to eat this fat M** chicken

any1 for a kilt?

decent Burger King Angus burger

Back 2 one

Straight from the sheep's balls

Camping at Peak National Park, Sheifield UK

Loc, he was kind enough to offer me a place to stay in his lounge whilst I looked around for a roof

all together now

Someone's mini tent, my new living quarters in London

The end of the beginning

Olivia n me

Farewell SHA LA LA


enough beer for like 30 minutes

honorary citizen of Schwaebisch Hall

getting some culture from the Kulture design students

bye bye kiss