Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Die kunst der kreation

The art of creation ...

Quality vs Quantity (designing for beginners)..


This is the biggest challenge for me personally as a designer, is having to overcome creating work at the very start. Procrastination on a creative level?
I'm not sure, it's just being too self-critical at first hinders your efficiency, motivation and ability to improve.
I wish I had a button that would enable me to flush these thoughts away - the closest thing to do that would probably meditation I guess.

Also having a strong concept or idea, a target to focus on design wise contributes to "the Flow"

Yes you know what I mean by "the Flow" when you're so into your work and time stands still in your personal space or doesn't matter anymore and the rest of the world can just burn into ether. It's just you and your imagination, you are connected to whatever tool or medium that happens to be used and everything just moves.

Michael my graphic designer lecturer from RMIT, told me sometimes we jump onto the computer too soon, and don't give ourselves the opportunity to start the creative process in an organic way; like using our hands, word associations, doodles and discussion so that the thinking behind the design has a solid foundation.

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