Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Berlitz training in Stuttgart

I spent about 1 week and a half learning to be an English teacher in Stuttgart. Here are some notes:

  • always have a check list of your luggage and don't rely on others to take it for you
  • having not enough sleep when you learn something makes you ill and stupid
  • I don't ask enough of the right questions in everyday conversation
  • I still get nervous when I get up and talk in front of a group of strangers
  • Need to make a list of good questions to guide people
  • trying to learn a new langauge is both rewarding and frustrating, trying to teach it requires a lot of preparation, and analysis of your goals
I crashed at Melanie's place, cooked for her, Benjiamin (her bro) and Patricia (flatmate) a nice roast chicken, went to Yoga in a beautiful dojo, drank lots of fragrant tea and smoked like a chimney.
I had a tarot reading from Melanie (the future is great!), ate authentic Vietnamese food at their favourite restaurant Noodle 1 I think and met some really cool people during my training.

Paul: A world champion powerlifter from my hometown of Melbourne Australia, came here for World Cup 2006, met a girl and has stayed since.

Donna: American student here on a 3 year exchange studying agricultural economics I think

Urvashi: Currently teaching maths, hindi, yoga and science, she has a photographic memory and I alwys manage to crack her up with my random smiles. Originally worked as a marketing manager in India, she married and moved here coming along with her husband.

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