Tuesday, January 19, 2010

11am meditations

To truly have 100% focus you need to take care of or eliminate if possible, the distractions.

What is your underlying fear that you are not aware of that prevents you from taking action?

- experience with coasters.com.au > great product > great service > good seo yet no substantial sales? what is missing? marketing, sales tatics, business/marketing relationships with the right people

- no sales yet of new servicing offering - need to review pricing, try ozbargain

Criterias for successful collaborations?

What do they have at stake?

If they can't get it done, what have they got to lose? their livelihood? children, family, house, food
What environment are they working under?
Have they undergone hardship and understand the true nature of having nothing?
What are you learning from them, is there a pushback on your efforts?

1. print the digital art
2. send out portograph for vendors

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