Sunday, March 29, 2009

Readings - Duct tape marketing

Hermit Crab, Cook's Bay - Tasmania, Australia
Duct Tape Marketing
author: John Janstsch

Discovering your core marketing message

"Find something that separates you from your competition; become it and speak it to everyone you meet.
Quality isn't it, good service isn't it, fair pricing - not it. These are all expectations. The difference needs to be in the way you do business, the way you package your product, the way you sell your service, the fact you send cookies to your clients, the fact you show people how to transform their lives --
it's in the experience you provide..."

The talking logo - what you really do for a living
It may not really tell them what your really do, but will force them to take note and want to know more.
Part 1. addresses your target market
Part 2. zeros in on a problem, frustration, or want that market has.
E.G "I teach business owners how to get famous"

The pattern: action verb (I show, teach), target market (business owners, teachers), how to solve xxx (solve problem or need).

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