Sunday, February 25, 2007


Font: Frank Reuhl for more character (human ? qualities)

Fun with Futura font

Design for the Day! I'm on a roll..

Font: Univers LT 59 (I'm thinking it gives out a more graphic design / modern look with an air of fashionable hehe..well have to find more vocabulary to express character of letterforms)

I'm experimenting with different typography as it's an important area of design. I'm not quite sure where to start though, mmmm guess I figure out what already know and we'll go from there. So using different types would be a good basis, I know the basics of structure of the letter form, spacing, kerning, tracking etc. I guess I have to look around and find practical examples, as these details themselves don't really mean much to me yet, except just purely visual aesthetics.
I'll put up some links as soon as I find them.

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