Friday, November 10, 2006

1st Semester Party last weekend @ FHSH

Mischa ( kool guy who knows how to take care of his hair) and Yvonne (she lived in and studied High school in Singapore)

Alex the big Russian, tough on the outside and cuddly on the inside (don't tell him I said that though)

The theme of the party was to dress up as a fantasy character, I went as a Yakuza gangsta with a dragon tatoo on my arm. Emma, maybe a deviant in jeans?

The beers were 1 euro, much to my enjoyment and detriment on the night. This was taken before....

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and after the blurry vision.

I ended up being carried upstairs to my apartment by Ali, got friendly with the toilet and waking up with slight regrets.

Promised myself to hold off on the alcohol for as long as possible and quickly emptied half the fridge of beers, downstairs to the girls apartment.

Of course this story has a happy ending, I enjoyed lovely German beer 2 days later.

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