Friday, July 28, 2006

Something greater than eternity

These are my thoughts whilst travelling on the DB trains from Berlin..

When once there was a reality, a truth grows, a personal truth through change and experience, the desire to seek, to discover truth surpasses the superfluous of persuasion, of hidden agendas.
History that is to be experienced, felt, unstoppable, that we cannot grasp or understand but to know occurred, that causes us to reach out, to connect, that is more than merely part of our senses or emotions or rationale, something more than the descriptions we prescribe, where words only give a glimpse of its existence.

Only such a thing can remain so special, that there are no need for words, or reminders so that it bears itself deep within our existence.

"Seek and you shall find"

That you are here and I am here.
We are here.

A moment shared that transcends time, crosses the boundaries of language and does not require the drugs of emotion, something beautiful with its' mere realisation, without form, colour or perception, a moment shared that does not need comparison, a strangeness that is familiar, that walks a path unimpeded, a poetry of consciousness...
something greater than eternity...

Let me take away your shell, your clothes, your body, your hair, your lips, your face.
Let me have your thoughts, your eyes, your eyes, just for a time, a time that will make it timeless...

Captured by your eyes
my very first gasp of air
and my very last.

Why? what for you may wonder? only to admire our souls and let it strengthen us so that it fuels us along our paths.

An attempt to put into words the moment when the eyes connect and something transpires...

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