Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Football fever

Go Deutschland!!

Yes it is 6 am in the morning, I wake up with the birds when I drink beer, or alcohol in general. Germany lost to Italy last night, that was a big shame, though Italy's goals were magic. There was quite a number of Italians living here in Schwaebisch Hall so was some serious tooting last night and celebrations. I rode my bike back to the apartment afterwards and fried some eggs with sardines and chinese cabbage. I guess that's part of the reason I'm up at 6 am.

We watched the game at a place that used to be used as a slaughter house, hence the name Schlathaus with a big ass projection and another 3x 1 meter LCDs screens. The place was choc full of people and atmosphere deviated from joy, tension, tears. Surprising how much drama football has on people. I tried to shed a tear but the last time I had tears was reading a really good novel, and this was not the right kind of sadness.

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