Monday, May 25, 2009

Social media - Entrepreneurship forum

The 3 lines you can base your business relationships from:

This is what I can do.
This is what I can't do.
This is what I won't do.

Customer service
- give customers individual attention
- have convenient operating hours
- give customers personal attention

Maintaining contact with the customer after sale is more powerful than advertising

Referrals are based on 90% relationship
Power of networking, "who do you know in this room to get you where you need to go?"

- more CRM (automated)
- less choice
- loyalty is a novelty (jump without thought)
- customers are far more knowledgeable

Notes from presentation by Heath Kilger

business background
+ 20 million page hits
+ cold calling via phone by asking for the right person who organised the footy tipping within business
+ fortunate to be around when Victorian Labour govt came into power delivering on a political promise of national footy tipping competition

- cashflow issues
+ creditbility: bought by Tattersalls
+ sites licencing backend software from
started in 1998
+++ media assets worth much more than software assets
FOCUS on goals of business

Social media
+ genuine engagement
+ ebay and amazon as social networking
+ sharing information (reviews)

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