Friday, December 14, 2007

into the shallows of soul

Advertising wall in the underground tube, London UK

I have just been thinking about how to adjust to the routine of working vs the sporadic nature of study -- how to make this a little more exciting and interesting.

What little things I can do to live a better story?

Instead of whinging and moaning about how busy or boring evrything is, it is really upto to me to create and influence how the story unfolds everyday. It is taking this responsibility, the putting in of effort to make life as how I would like it that makes the difference.

Rather than resorting or falling back into the easy routine of blaming circumstance, leaning on my complacency (the easist of routes and modes of thinking) I can give my brain and its' creativity a workout, be nimble about life and aim to make a little difference everyday, whether it be in the writing of my thoughts, the depth of my relationships, my behaviour to those around me or just how I learn or progress in design.

I read that Steve Jobs aims to think or work to the fact that everyday is his last day -- it is tricky to translate this sense of urgency when you haven't faced the spectre of death as he has.

Is my life too comfortable, does it allow me too much independence from my fellow human beings to reach out and foster a sense of community - the connection that I don't seem to feel in the midst of a city hustling and bustling along?

What is motivating for me?

What provides satisfaction? gives that little smile when it is remembered?

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