Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Design is a process

Spent a couple hours more on this piece as I thought the typography could be more playful.
Yes, as you may notice I am a huge fan of kids as they enable us to see authentic emotions. I also enjoy reminiscing my childhood and reach out to those memories so that I don't get too dragged down by the ego of maturity.
This piece is using bits of green for grass cuz every kid tries and eats them, me included, blue for water (rem the first time at the beach?)
A baby bird trying to we all try to do, sadly after a few injuries we realise that we can't.
Paint splashes to remind us how fun fingerpainting was in kindergarten (hmmmm I wonder that may be the reason they are so popular as design elements now)
And lastly the typography built like the card board fortresses that we slept in instead of sleeping on a nice cosy bed. Maybe it made our young dreams more fantastic.

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