Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The best of people

Our awesome english class in Heilbronn, last days

It was our last days spent teaching to quite a bunch of lovely people and I'm sure that a smile will spread across our faces everytime we get carried away (daydream) by memories of the time spent together.
(I will write some more, once I get more time...keep posted)

Peter and Valentina

Peter, Steffi, Pratricia, Monica, Daniel, Heildrun, Valentina, Ramona, Ina, Anushka, Sandra, Beate and Doris

Swing your hips this way!

mmmm look at all this food, so spoilt Anushka (the brainier English teacher) contemplating the yummy choice of food

Home made the only way

our little farewell gifts, thank you so much guys and also especially for the people who organised this, your English teachers are very touched.

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