Sunday, December 10, 2006

Designing with Bockle

It's about 4am and I was enjoying some full strength German beer whilst designing.. mental note don't drink and design.
Before I knew it, I looked at my designs and had the giggles, and ended up laughing until I felt very full from the attack of the munchies and snoozed for a while.
Now I am awake, after looking through heaps of tutorials, my mind is saturated with visual stimulation, also some doubts about my skill level. What keeps me grounded and have belief in my abilities, is the fact that I come up with very good ideas, it's just the execution and the required learning of the techniques is sobering. This is because when I feel there is a time constraint, I get very frustrated when I have to spend time doing tutorials. Also the fact that I have to search through mountains of data to figure out how to do things in the software.
This is just the start of my current design process, and trying to overcome the initial crappy looking compositions is the next step (this is why a lot of creatives procrastinate... they don't want to come up with crappy looking things and can't bear the prospect of seeing the rubbish that needs to initially come out of their imagination).
It's an ego thing I think.

<----Tasty... all 7.4% of it

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