Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Shadow of the Wind

I have been in London for the past few weeks looking at work opportunities, and alas discovered that I STILL don't enjoy writing letters detailing my virtues catering to an advertisment.
That uploading and applying for work advertised takes more effort than foraging through 100's of advertisments, too many job agency portals to progress.

Good news is when I feel sad, I feel the need to design so as to expulse the negativity somehow, and creating meaningful or meaningless design is quite theraputic. Though I have to say smoking is also a dark vice.

Looking back on my time at Schwaebisch Hall is also therapeutic, and also the great times with the other exchange and local students. I think I should write down a bit more on the people I meet so as to keep a concise thoughts on events. As I grow older, the world fades by in a blur and sometimes I don't get a chance to pause and contemplate of where I have been, nor the feelings or emotions of the moments, and the recollections of the characters minus the beer. Posted by Picasa

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