Saturday, June 10, 2006

pain of survival

Schwaebisch Hall moonlight

The time is about 3 am in the morning, I can't get to sleep because I just can't and so I'm having a coffee and cigarettes.
I have been working at the Uni's labs for the past couple of days and beginning to tire of design.
The German language of the adobe software doesn't help either and multiplies my work hours by 3 times.
What happened to the glamour? the instant gratification... I'm beginning to dislike monitors very much.
And the world cup has started, which adds to the suffering , as I have to finish all the work before I can watch it guilt free, and over indulge myself in the spoils of deutschland bier.

By the way, if the boys from home are reading this, I think you should have recieved your postcards by now so a response would be nice.

I think I struggle with it called home sickeness...not sure I don't think it is because I don't wan't to head back to Australia anytime soon. It's more of a general fear. Doubts creep in about the strength of your relationships when there is no communication, and your remember your past wistfully, as if it was pleasant but seemingly unreal at this very moment in time.

So how does one make the curren t moment count?
a) forget about reminscing about all the good times and make an effort to spend more time with those around a coherent fashion (i.e minus the binge drinking)

b) plan to have breaks even though you have a tonne of work due (refer to previous post about working long hours)

c) do a jiggle and relive the greatest hits of the 80's when no-one but you are in the PC lab at 1 am to get some decent speakers

These are some of my private thoughts and is copyrighted somewhere amongst the labyrinth that we call the law so don't steal may ask and I shall give for free


Anonymous said...

"So how does one make the current moment count?"

- next time call me... i will tell you :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks bro, the postcard was a very nice surprise! nice to hear from you in so long. i feel the same way when i haven't heard from anyone in a while, i know i still have friends and family out there but what are they thinking, what are they doing...? atm i'm glad to get out whenever i can, i love working with kids... talking with people helps... lol well its hard to speak in another language but its better than being alone all the time... life's too short to be negative so try to enjoy the good and toss the bad over your left shoulder! hehehe cheers bro =]