Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Who are we without our ambitions?

You need motivation and ambition to be part of the elite, and that is the greatness of our capitalist society; the cream rises to the top. In the end, determined and self-motivated people (not always, most of the time) get ahead of pretenders.

Do the exact opposite of lazy people. Why? Because having drive, ambition, goals, and the desire to execute these things with 100% effort will allow you to move ahead in life so that, one day, you might have the power and money to either change certain things or fire whoever isn't pulling their weight.

Case in point; fly in coach on any American airline and get crappy stewardess service. Get some cash and buy a flight in first class and you'll get a very un lazy stewardess. Capisce ? Nothing will help you more than this piece of advice.

lead by example

Don't wait for things to happen tomorrow; do them today. Do like my grandfather and walk five miles over broken glass to work, barefoot. Whatever you do, don't take siestas , it's the lazy person's way of reenergizing their laziness.

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